so many apologies / disclaimers / clarifications from prior week’s episodes, I have no idea how I managed to cram 2 + hours of material into this week’s show, but as always I would like to thank you, the listening public for giving me another opportunity to repair the trust broken by my ill-advised decision to hire a dangerous felon to run the social media/customer care side of things. I’ve had to temporarily relocate “until things cool down” as we like to say in the hiding from dangerous felons business, but suffice to say if next week’s program does not air, I’ve sent a thumb-drive to the publishers of Talkers Magazine that should prove very interesting to the authorities (though perhaps not interesting to members of The Authorities of “I Hate Cops” fame, who are probably tired of getting unsolicited thumb drives)

Jackonuts – Floppy Hat Fate
Cherubs – Carjack Fairy
Esperanza – 21st Reason To Kill Pete Wilson
False Negative – Eric Stoltz
Howard Stelzer / Peter Wright – Auslar 1
Forcefield – D
Map 71 – Confessions Of An Adrenalin Addict
New Jack – ECW 1998 Promo
L/F/D/M – Mood
Muslimgauze – No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel
Contour – Outmyface (Love Suite No. 2 )
Dave Rempis, Tomeka Reid, Josh Abrams – In The Wild
Mosquitoes – Reverse Drift
Bobby Lee – Broken Prayer Stick
Matthew Noone – Boots For Bill
Chuck Johnson – Constellation
Marie Eline Hansen – Fucking Idiot
Caroline Profanter – Puntini, Puntini
Brian Case – Becoming Cybil
JJULIUS – Oöverblicklig känsla