With this episode marking the one-year anniversary of this program, it seemed like an opportune moment to shake up the format a bit . I realize other broadcasters would be content to rest on their laurels, but I’m sure you all know I’ve never been the type to “phone it in” (except, of course, for the occasions when I’ve had to literally phone it in because I was locked in a car trunk). So this week we have the debut of the Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours’ “BOOK CLUB”, with the first tome reviewed being Tim Donaghy’s 2009 best seller, “Personal Foul : A First Person Account of the Scandal that Rocked the NBA “. It’s been called, “the book the NBA doesn’t want you to read,” and with that in mind, instead of dishonoring the memory of NBA commissioner David Stern, we’ll instead catalog OTHER books the NBA doesn’t want you to read, including but not limited to “Are You There God?, It’s Me Margaret”, “The Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey” and Chuck Zito’s “Street Justice”. There’s also about two hours of music, as I reman concerned most of you lack the intellect or attention span to hang in there for an extended literary discussion.

Purrkur Pillnikk – Vondur Strákur
TVBC – Forsake Me Not
FACS – General Public
Privat – Die Kassette
Realicide – Shit For Reality
AKAI SOLO & Navy Blue – John Wick
Pod Blotz – Lights In The Middle Of Nowhere
An Moku – Melancolia
Pilgrim Screw – Absolute Fucking Human
Ants / Bint Mbraeh – When? Near!
Teen Haters – Basking
Spider Sabich – You Draw Me Into Your Chaotic, Petty World
?he Shadow Ring – Put The Music In The Coffin
Punksploitation – Look For Two Italian Brothers
Boris Barksdale – Take Notes
Blod – Danmark Frit
Locust – Moist Moss
Loopsel – Soft Fabric
Nein Rodere – The Sweat From Your Inner Elbow
Ali Bahnhof – (I Don’t Wanna Get Married In A) Pet Laboratory
James Brandon Lewis / Red Lilly Quartet – Experiment Station
Susan Alcorn – The Heart Sutra
Rambutan & Parashi – The Oaken Towel