I’ll admit, a couple of years ago when the Citizen app sent me a push alert that my neighborhood was in the midst of a DISPUTE ABOUT POLE, I was concerned. At some point there needs to be a way to reconcile heated opinions over which Pole album is superior, ‘1’ (Blue), ‘2’ (Red) or ‘3’ (Yellow). Just because I am partial to ‘2’ doesn’t mean, for instance, I am prepared to go to blows over it. ??

As the program enters it’s 4th year, I am trying very hard to steer clear of such polarizing subject matter. It’s been impressed upon me that listeners flock to the show to escape their troubles, not to fixate upon them (which is deeply unlucky, because I am quite adept at pointing out others’ faults and recommending rather drastic life changes) Whether you want to call it a Pole Dispute or a Pole Non-Dispute, the topic did dominate nearly 90 minutes of this week’s episode, so I am warning you right now that if you find that type of thing triggery in any way, you might want to fast forward to the end. Or just skip this week altogether — I WILL UNDERSTAND

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot In Lagos
Black Bones – All In Good Time
Bas Mooy – Vedette
Killie809 – Untitled 01
Burnt Skull – Daylight Mutilation
God Is War & Andrew Nolan – The Hunt
Terrine – Baton xxl will make a record one day
Rupie Dan – My Black Race
Rattle – Signal
The Lloyd Pack – I Don’t Remember
Strapping Fieldhands – Arrogant Flower (live)
The Sheaves – Lariat Slung
Gloorp – Musty
Container – Nozzle
Gate – All Of My Family
Jon Collin – side A, ‘fiddle Improvisations vol. 1 ‘
Greymouth – side A, “Can Run”
Cop Tears – Harmony 5 : The Lord Descended