Episode 156 of The Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours marks the program’s THIRD ANNIVERSARY. When I began recording these shows in the midst of you-know-what, I don’t think i ever envisioned a day in which they’d become an all-consuming obsession, capturing the imagination of thousands upon thousands of listeners a week. And it’s good that I could not envision that because nothing of the sort has actually happened. But for the handful of you who pay rapt attention to each week’s selections, I am not above accepting congratulations and material gifts. Given a 3rd anniversary is considered the “leather” anniversary, I would be very happy to receive (more) VHS copies of Rick Rubin’s 1988 directorial debut, “Tougher Than Leather”, as I am soon opening a pop up shop selling nothing other than tapes of this critically maligned film (it’s sort of like that shop that no other items except the Beatles ‘White Album’, though I’m expecting a little less foot traffic). And while we’re at it, give yourselves a round of applause too. It would be the height of exaggeration to say I could not have done it without you (frankly, you’re irrelevant to the creative process) but it’s harder to stockpile the “Tougher Than Leather” tapes on my own, that’s for certain.

NNB – Slack
Siege – Two Faced
Urinals – U
Metal Urbain – Snuff Movie
Coloured Balls – Flash
Obituary – Weaponize The Hate
Life Stinks – Your Face is A Mess
Sauna Youth – Town Called Distraction
DJ Punisher – Untitled 1
Scratchclart – IC3 (Menzi Remix)
Zuli – All (The Drills)
Pat Thomas – Wazifah 19W
Dissemblance – Sagittarius
Anno – -77 Here Comes The Feeling
Rob Noyes – Shaker Prediction
Mute Duo – side A, ‘5amSky’
Dave Shuford & Pat Murano – Catching The Tortoise
Alan Licht & John Krausbauer – Lateral Tracer
Fursaxa – Tyranny
Isach Skeidsvoll – Dance To Summon