For episode 105, let’s consider that in the era of Thomas J. Henry spending untold zillions to convince the state of Texas he’s not the T-800 in a six thousand dollar suit, we can instead recall a simpler time, when criminal attorney Betty Blackwell referenced her own late night television advertisement in a subsequent advertisement that swapped out the perp’s photo for something that looked vaguely dustier (we’re left to guess what Brian’s problem was but we can safely assume it was something in the DUI / controlled substances department – or maybe not. Betty did not specifically say she was unwilling to represent clients accused of bombing government facilities. OK, maybe this wasn’t such a simple time after all.

Rathauz – A-Factorthz
FRET – Slowly Moving In
700 Bliss – Anthology
Cheap Imitation – Selektiv Dövhet
Gombeen & Doygen – Auto-Lies
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – 1 (from ‘Sounding Lines’)
Afrorack – Bass Plus
Sel-Sync — 5 Second Rule
Rufus Isabel Elliot – On The Beach (At The End Of War)
Builenradar – Now The Chimney Hatchet
David Nance – Credit Line
15-60-75 – Keep A Knocking (But You Can’t Come In)
CoConuts – Disgusted
Syko Friend – The Code
Gate – Mountains?
Civilistjävel! – A2 from ‘Järnnätter’
Blacks’ Myths – …along Came Ra!