before we find ourselves in the midst* of episode 106 of The Radio Hour That Feels like Two Hours, I much as i respect your right to your (screwy) opinions, I no longer wish to read another sentence about the many historical inaccuracies in Hulu’s Count Bishops TV series. It’s not a documentary, folks. If it were, it would’ve been directed by Dziga Vertov. ??

There’s no Count Bishops songs on this episode because the program’s rights clearance department is an absolute disgrace.

(* – or, “the middle”)

Double Wig – Broken Cup
Cube – CIA Lean
Strahinja Arbutina – Burn The Gym
I.E.D. – Controlled Demolition
Alberich – Radio Op
Felicia Atkinson – Becoming A Stone
Komare – track 2 fromm ‘Grace To the Breathe That Void’
Takeda – Monochime
Pozi – Cover It Up
Unda Fluxit – Two Drunken Dollars
Remko Scha & The Machine – Reel
Zurich Cloud Motors – Air Time
Voice Of The Seven Thunders – Cylinders
Still House Plants – Long Pass
Kaffe Matthews – Contact C
Automatisme & Stefan Paulus – Stoos
Rempis/Baker/Abrams/Ra – Viscosity
Grachan Moncur III – Space Spy