As this program starts it’s second year, I am happy to say I’ve dodged a bullet. Not a real bullet, mind you, as im not nearly that fast, but rather an effort by the show’s syndication partners to replace me as the host due to what I’m told are “low engagement numbers”. YouTuber Kyle Kim Klinghoffer aka “Dr. Prakenstein” had been enlisted to take over starting this week, but a russian roulette stunt he was filming went awry (dodging a bullet’s tougher than it sounds, apparently) and I’m told he’s unlikely to be available in the near future. And while the syndicator are now denied access to Kyle Kim’s nearly 6 million YouTube followers, at least you and I still have each other. Until Kyle’s well enough to vlog, anyway.

Audio Two – Top Billin’
Kempes – Forever
Palmbomen II – Samuel Aboah
Paranoid London – Annihilate The World & Start All Over
Murky – Cut The Same
Association P.C. – Scorpion
Springtime – Penumbra
Laffing Gas- The Gulch
Adolf Satan – Townspeople Are The Ones Who’ll Pay
Pilgrim Screw – Foodie
Toiling Midgets – Wishful Thinking
Teal Grapefruit – Cry Pink Process (side A)
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Chloe Alexandra Thompson – Latent
Jessica Sligter – The Great Unveiling
Sigh Of Relief – Goodbye Message
Wilted Woman – Keyloser
Monocot – Square The Circle
East Of The Valley Blues – Reassemblera
Califone – Vampiring Again
Gene Clark – White Light