It’s a sad moment when an individual trades upon an iconic family name / legacy to amplify crackpot theories, but enough about Ripper Zbyszko (and condolences to the podcast bookers across the land who thought they were booking Ripper Owens). This week’s episode is a two-hour salute to science and many of history’s greatest scientists (Gallileo Galilei, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Rosalind Franklin, Kim Salmon, Hopeton Overton Brown, etc.) and I am confident you’ll find it as educational and entertaining as I found it stimulating to produce. Ripper Zbyszko coming out in favor of a 4-day work week is not nearly enough to normalize his candidacy for anything, but if you disagree, please feel free to take it to the comments (where you’ll be summarily blocked until the end of time).

RP Boo – Baby Come On
Boo Williams – Whip Lash
Larry Zbyszko – Boo On Me
Sunik Kim – Morning Star
Techno Animal – The Mighty Atom Smasher
DJ Armork – Secrets Of Life & Death
Saint Abdullah and Eomac – Wali
Jaimie Branch – Take Over The World
Yellow Swans – First Drowner
Mechanical Bull – Negotiations
The Chicago Reed Quartet – Broken Record Fugue
Black Duck – Second Guess
Alien Eyelid – Where Elgin Bends
Lewsberg – Communion
The Necks – Bloodstream
Jaap Blonk / Damon Smith / Ra Kalam Bob Moses – Costco Scottish