The above image is a drone-captured photograph of the scene directly outside my studio this week as Central Texas temperatures approach the quadruple digits. There’s only 3 more months of these conditions to endure and since it’s very likely none of us are going to make it, this seemed like a great opportunity to debut the first ever release of DOLLAR GENERAL CHRISTIAN MARCLAY (ie. Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime”, played on 3 different speeds on 3 different turntables for 100 minutes) however there seems to be an issue with the song’s publisher, Essex Music (ie. they’ve blocked my messages). As such, I’ve been forced to come up with an entirely new program on the fly. As always, THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING

Guardian Singles – Com Trans
The Ex – Rabble With A Cause
Fridge – Orko
Iceman Junglist Kru – You’re Like A Scalpel, I’m Like A Flick Knife
Al Wooten – Number, Weight Division
Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary – Road Potholed
Africa Corps – Exodus
Peter Brötzmann / Sonny Sharrock – Whatthefuckdoyouwant 3
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet – Signs
Last Exit – Red Light
The Peter Brötzmann Nonet – Machine Gun
The Peter Brötzmann Quartet – Fat Man Walks
Private Sorrow – Five Lines In Parallel Planes