(* – exceptions are made for persons who are outta town watching the Flesh Eaters. Like me.)

Injuries make their Beerland debut tonight. Not are they capable of rescuing the monstrosity that is Free Week, but their adding some badly needed idiosyncrasy to an increasing homogenized cabal of Shivery-Whiskey-Shakey Graves-motherfuckers who are determined to render Austin music as sexless, soulless and sappy as it’s been at any time in the last decade. I’m not big for drawing lines in the sand — for starters, I’m in a urban hotel room and if bring a bunch of sand into this place, they’re hit me some crazy charges and everybody back at the CSTB office will think I’ve been watching Spectravision all day.  So I’ll just draw a line down the center of the room. Either you’re with Injuries or you’re against ’em.