the heat’s been absolutely brutal in this part of the country over the past few weeks and with the launch of episode 108, I had to do something to address air conditioning issues in what i will optimistically call my “home studio”. Through a third party who shall remain nameless (OK, I forgot his name), arrangements were made to sublease a portion of Taylor, TX’s SST Superstore, however, upon arrival the space was occupied by an elderly couple, a half dozen or so feral dogs and  several skids of Confront James overstock (which most worryingly, were an object of worship to the elderly couple). While there was some working electricity and a surprisingly strong WiFi signal, it was nearly impossible to complete the program with all of the barking and praying going on. And with that , in the words of another great American man of letters*, I GOT IN THE VAN and competed the show via cigarette lighter at about 5am this morning. Taylor, TX police ignored my helpful (if unwieldy) bumper sticker reading “IF THIS VAN’S A ROCKIN’, DON’T COME A KNOCKIN’ (AND I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT LISTENING TO DON DOKKEN, HE TOTALLY SUCKS)” and I hope to be out on bail later this afternoon (props to the surprising strong WiFi signal in this detention facility)

(* – Art Alexakis)

Sons Of Slough – Snares and Temptations
The Notwist – Al Sur (Elijah Minelli remix)
Height / Dismay – The Tinning Test
Les Batteries – The Letter
Dog Faced Hermans – New Year
Malflora – Triangle Shirtwaist
Paprika – Schizoid Loop
Legionaires Disease Band – Rather See You Dead
Ted Nugent Vs. Bugs Henderson vs. The Lead Guitarist From Diamond Rio – FEEDBACK BATTLE TO THE DEATH (hardly)
Sexual Jeremy – The Quick Trip
Unschooling – Shopping On The Left Bank
Thomas Bush – The Remote
Puppet Wipes – I Was Injured On The Job
UT – Sham Shack
Greymouth – Theft Of A Car About To Be Classic
Surface Of The Earth – Sea Of Japan
Bruce Russell & Luke Wood – Large Diaphragm
Emily Robb – Improv. 1 (live on WKDU)
Mick Harris & Martyn Bates – Long Lankin
Eli Winter – For A Chisos Bluebonnet
Anthony Moore – Johnny’s Dead
Susana López – Swarm Of Drones