Following up from another recent IG post, the televised revelation that is Dean Cain’s “Masters Of Illusion” (it’s been on for nearly a decade — this is a hiding in plain sight of nearly Byron Allen-esque proportions) led me to investigate whether or not Cain had ever booked illusionist supreme DAVID SLEAZE on the program. The sprawling wiki entry from Sleaze’s alter ego, character actor/filmmaker Greg Travis indicates otherwise, which strikes me as the single greatest injustice this side of no local nightspot booking me to DJ in nearly 5 years. Yes, it’s true i have turned down countless offers during that spell, however they were all under conditions I could not in good conscience abide by. In short, I’m holding out for a late afternoon/early slot at the Westgate Central Market location with a guarantee that a) I can play whatever I want, and b) I can leave at any point with my full fee ($500) if anyone tries to speak to me.

It has been suggested by at least one local venue owner such demands are unreasonable but I think what he was really trying to say was, “we realize booking you would simply expose every other DJ in town as a fraud and/or zero-talent and we’d prefer to showcase utter mediocrity for the rest of our days”. And I suspect David Sleaze knows exactly what I am talking about.

Toy Killers – Where Do We Get The $ To Save The Children
Action Beat – What Bus When
Thierry Müller – Breaking Point I
The Idealist – Allow Your Energy To Expand
Stacie-Ann Churchman – Ascension Machine
700 Bliss – Bless Grips
Sofheso – 572
Slikback – Line
Paul Pinto – James Brown
Mekons – Never Been In A Riot
Michael Beach – Out In A Burning Alley
Brick Brick – Special K
Holt Bodish – Words To Reason
Jacken Elswyth – Scene 6, after Margaret Berry
Marisa Anderson – Waking
Skogar – Passing The Torch
Peter J Cox – Stinking Rich
Schizos – Ugly
Germ House – Lost Title
Fred Thomas – Post Flood-Edits
Sachi Kobayashi – Train Ticket
High Aura’d – I’m Whispering
More Klementines – Hot Peace