Over the weekend I had the singular misfortune of viewing Thea Hvistendahl’s “Handling The Undead” (2024) and aside from the otherwise meditative take on zombie tropes, I remain outraged at the graphic, gratuitous murder of a child’s bunny rabbit midway thru the film. Sorry for the spoiler but maybe they shouldn’t be so cavalier about killing rabbits. I guess I’m having trouble with the subtle cultural differences. Is it better or worse to allow the rabbit killing compared to letting Varg record entire albums in prison? (recited in Jeremy Kyle voice) Not saying we’re doing everything (fuck, anything) right over here. I’ll be taking calls on the subject during hour 2 of the show.

Rider/Horse – Overdressed
Mayyors – Metro
Discharge – State Violence / State Control
Carsickness – Hearts In Traction
Homostupids – Starman
Lettuce Vultures – I Don’t Like The Homostupids
Brain Police – King Of A Drag
11,000 Light Switches – Drinking Elvis Wine
The Sewerheads – Diary Of A Priest
Party Dozen – The Big Man Upstairs
Silver Scrolls – Visiting The 12th Bar
Amps For Christ – HiZ AGC Oscillator
Rump State – Live From A Garbage Strike
F/i – Just To Get Us Off
Remko Scha feat. The Machines – Track 3
Water Damage – 061324 Union Pool
Goldblum – Fake Ears
Sabir Mateen – Prophecies Come To Pass