with today’s New York Times report that Robert F. Kennedy’s wife, Cheryl Hines of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” notoriety was attacked by the former’s pet emu, we’re coaxed (well, forced) to recall the heyday of the late Rod Hull’s ill-behaved emu (above, left). Before Hull perished in a rooftop antenna-adjusting accident (THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE), his Emu assaulted Michael Parkinson, Johnny Carson and probably a lot of persons who weren’t TV hosts, either. Today’s planned 2 hour salute to Hull & Emu was sadly scrapped by my new partners at E### V###### R#### who complained no one would be familiar with Hull (that’s the point of the episode, FFS) and modern audiences would not understand someone falling to their death while adjusting a TV aerial (they might have a point here).

The Contortions – Bedroom Athlete
R.J.F. – Danger In Freedom
Cha Cha Cohen – Spook On The Highlawn
Sam Karugu – Incest and Meth
dj Willie Oboe – Mangold Haze
The Human Aerial – Direct Action
Bad Trips – Dogtown Ripper
Quietus – Valium
House Of All – Aim Higher
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Heavy Head
Dave Heumann – By Jove
The Treniers – Say Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
Sumac – The Stone’s Turn
Randy Greif – Lost Contact, Pt. 1
Doug Carn – Western Sunrise
Sanam – 94 (live at Cafe Oto)