I am certain my friends, family and associates are a little tired of me claiming to be overworked / under appreciated and I must admit, there are occasions where I fail to set proper boundaries. In retrospect, when my close personal friend former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that HE’S A FREE AGENT, I probably should not have volunteered to launch his new online dating profile(s). I’m just trying to offer my vast expertise and it really isn’t my fault things are going poorly. I really thought pics of Bill eating pizza with a fork would serve to humanize him. I was certain that “what’s your favorite song from ‘Sandanista’?” was a great opening line. But that’s it, I’m done with this Cyranno bullshit. If you need help fashioning a new Adult Friend Finder entry, ASK SOMEBODY ELSE (preferably an adult. With friends)

Drive Like Jehu – Atom Jack
E – Breathe Again
Leda – track 2 from ‘Neuter’
Fossa Magna – Diastrophism
Factrix & Monte Cazazza – Kick That Habit
Wolf Eyes & Model Home – Stare Case Vocal
Usurabi – Run-out Groove
Bolka – Karabinka
Matthew J. Rolin – Glanced Horizon
Animal Piss, It’s Everywhere – Naked
Wireheads – Killer Bee
Thee Retail Simps – Weapon Of The Mystic
RRose – Spines
LEEWAY – English Air (Untouched)
MAL.E – Spectacle Of Automation
SUCHI – Birdy Bell
Basic Channel – Phylyps Track
Monika Badly – Disorientated
Diego Caicedo – Electric I
Son Of Buzzi – In schwarze Stücke zerbrochen side A
Gerard Cosloy – 7/3/23