Much as i hate to publicly discuss the dirty dirty business surrounding the production of a weekly online radio program, I have always considered the show’s listeners to be something far more than drooling acolytes. I’ve thought of you as PARTNERS, and as such I think it’s only fair to let you know there might be a NEW partner in the mix, so to speak. ??

As the arrears for unpaid Mixcloud and Soundcloud fees continue to pile up, I’ve had no choice to but to reach out to Keller Williams Realty CEO Gary Keller (shown above) looking for a BAIL OUT. Gary has already lent his midas touch to such legendary establishments as the One World Theater and the Saxon Pub, so he’s a natural benefactor for The Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours. While we’re still hashing out the paperwork (I’m told this week’s episode is meant to serve as an “audition” of sorts, so i’ve tried to tailor the repertoire to Gary’s tastes) I am fully prepared to relaunch as The Keller Willams Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours just as soon as the check clears. There’s nothing to worry about, I’ve been promised I’ll retain complete creative control (though to be perfectly frank, I’ll gladly give that up for a laughably modest amount of money)

Spiders On Phasing – Scorpions – Studio Outtake 7
Equipment Pointed Ankh – Trucks To Gettysburg
Al Karpenter & CIA Debutante – Public Scaffolding
Shit and Shine – Upside Down Cheeseburger
UAN0016rr – dvbarthr_utncu_tys
People Skills – Oval House
Strangulated Beatoffs – Satan’s Pool Party
Warthog – Tightrope
Short Hate Temper -Servile
Brainbombs – Kill Them All (Live)
Electric Eels – Tidal Wave
Don Howland / Cheater Slicks – Poor Me
Dromez – Sneaking Quietly Through The Hallway
Aaron Dilloway – Stunt 2
Skratz – It Breathes It Fucks
Blank Hellscape – I Was Born In This City I Might As Well Die Here
How I Quit Crack – 2MUNK2DRIVE
Ak’Chamel – Amazonian Tribes Mimicking The Sound Of Chainsaws
Grey Windowpane – Mirage Dunes From Zoz ?Savage Animal – Ten Thou
Remembrance Quintet – Recollections
Shizuka – The Night When The Door Opens