This week’s episode takes a deep dive into the rather complicated legacy of the late Chris Warren and The DX Band. While fellow musical pioneers / brothers of different mothers Complete were ruling Texas and Faxed Head were laying waste to the West Coast, the DX Band aka “The D-Generation X Band” or “the band that plays D-Generation X’s entry music” were carving their own path on the Eastern seaboard. Combining the socio-political insight of Rage Against The Machine with the chops of a mid-tier Rage Against The Machine tribute act, the DX Band burned oh so brightly during the late 1990’s.

Sadly, due to the intervention of WWE solicitor Jerry McDeavitt, I’m unable to play any selections from the DX Band’s deep oeuvre besides a YouTube rip of the ensemble serenading a capacity arena audience with their rendition of “America The Beautiful”. Much like Marvin Gaye’s inspired reading of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game, this performance — highly polarizing at the time — is now considered a powerful cultural statement for the times, and rightly so.

There’s some other songs, too. I mean, I had another two hours to fill.

07/07/21 tracklist :

The Rebel – Drill Homage
No Safety – Oh No
The Bump – I Am A Rat
Tester Housing – The Clock Ticks Over (Dub Version)
Sarah Haras _ Extending Everything Into Oblivion
Chynna – Burnout
Loraxx – Repeating
The Rebel – Remember Your Failure In The Cave
Chris Warren & The DX Band – America The Beautiful
“Horoscope – Mistaken Past Stained Glass?Delta-Sleep-Inducing-Peptide – Cataplectic Episodes
Tristan Kasten-Krause – Euphoria Cancel (ft. Jayson Gercz, Carol N. Johnson)
Club Sound Witches – Steep St. II?Jakub Perch – Heat
Mountain Movers – I Wanna See The Sun
Davide Cedolin – Silence
Peter Kris – Materials For Impersonation
Gold Sparkle Band – Zodiac Doubt
Keleketla! – Freedom Groove
Kamal Keila – Ghail Gail Ya Jinub