It was reported yesterday that Chris Christie’s new book, despite a #1 ranking in Amazon’s “Radical Thought” category had sold, well, zero copies. I think we can blame this predicament on something besides the former NJ governor being a universal pariah and more on his failure to heed my suggestion to title the tome, “Q : If Joe Grushecky and Jon Cafferty Were Both Drowning And You Could Only Save One, Who Would It Be? (A : Neither, I Can’t Swim)” (apparently the publisher thought this was too long to fit on the front cover). But regardless, whatever it takes to get Christie out of politics/punditry, even if it means a new act as the Steve Blush of things that aren’t music.

DJ Nervoso – Ah Ah
Lloyd Luther – Drugs On Tap
Your Old Droog / Lil Ugly Mane / Billy Woods – Meteor Man
Emperor T – Macka Step Dub
TrueMendous – Sweetheart
Shapednoise – The Foolishness of Human Endeavor
Slikback X Shapednoise – Xoyslime
O?pal X – Wildflower (extended mix)
Bad Tracking – Skin Ident
Still House Plants – More More Faster
Ava Mendoza – Ampulex Compressa
Come – Car
Amateur Hour – Baby You Are All I Want
Present Electric – Hottest Flame
Danny Paul Grody – Clearing
Jon Collin – Radio Moan
Steve Beresford & John Butcher – Swittle
New Direction For The Arts – Shudantosha
Albedo Gravitas – Bone