This week, we mark the 7th anniversary of the highly controversial “NOISE TABLE 4 SALE” Craiglist post that continues to reverberate to this day. Thought by some to be a cheap joke at the expense of fledgling experimental musicians, in reality, this incident highlighted the cruel realities of the noise table trafficking networks that continue to permeate our major cities. While authorities and Craigslist alike have taken steps to curtail such posts ever since, can any of us imagine the horrors inflicted on the table in question.

This episode also features a bit of music. You can’t really have a show that’s 100% grim, at least that’s what I learned at the Connecticut Broadcasting School.

Rusted Shut – Hatchet
Leda – Covid Rock 2
Vaxed Head – My Pfizer Nurse
The Endtables – Process Of Elimination
Ceramic Hobs – This Sore & Broken Blackpool Legacy
Mystery Plane – Death Sentence
Rot Shit – Dead I
Slant – How Did It Feel?
Titfield Thunderbolt – (I Was) Born On The Wrong Planet
Krikour Kouchian – Death Wish Jodie
Museum Of No Art – Sunbeams On Your Car
Rose Mercie – Spring & Fall
King Champion Sounds – Thou Hurricane (with Sally Timms)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalima – Entrance
Chris Williams & Patrick Shiroishi – History Is Violent
Container – Creamer
Rat Heart – 06 (from ‘Rat Heart’)
Dang Boyu – Copper Ball
Bourbonese Qualk – Mystery Dance??White People Killed Them – White People Killed Them (side 2)
Sounds Of Liberation – Badi
Deadbeat & The Mole – Keep On Going On