This week we look back on the violent 2006 encounter between Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger that made the cover of the NY Post and was quickly forgotten about because, well, chances are there was something more important to worry about. Why is it none of the major (or minor) MMA organizations have sought to organize a rematch? Has no one explored the possibility that Hiliger — secretly a fan of old-school rock journalism — took exception to G’n’R’s 1991 challenge to the music press powers that be, “Get In The Ring” (although it also took him 15 years to do something about it).

Porter Ricks – Nautical Dub
Linquency – Freechain
Ciel – Tech House Is My Evil Best Friend
Leon Duncan – Rucio
Prison Religion – Banshee, Pale Fire, Landing
Cremation Lilly – A Certain Fragrance
Blues Ambush – A Disorienting Light
Rosali – Crushed Walnuts
Laila Sakini – Blip In The Bungalow
Lucy Duncombe – Slab Hell
Bob Bellerue – The Longest Year
Mick Turner – We’re Not Going Home
Smirk – Staring At Screens
The Vectors – I Hate Myself
Tar – Les Paul Worries
Monokultur – Elins Instrumental
Kuzu – Scythe Pt. 1
Markus Schmickler – Sky Dice/Mapping The Studio
Regis – Temporary Thing (Soundcheck Instrumental)