as you might’ve read over the last few days, nearly 10,000 people have agreed to legally change their name to “Subway” in exchange for a lifetime of Subway’s yoga-mats-for-bread sandwiches. Putting aside for a moment no one has learned anything from the Rocket From The Crypt tattoo deal a few years ago, Subway’s scheme is as unoriginal as it is nefarious — I should know because I was paid a generous fee after advising Pennsylvania / WV / OH chain Eat’n Park to introduce a similar offer several years ago. Though only a handful of desperate persons took them up on the offer, we are now faced with the possibility of someone named Eat’n Park Subway essentially eating for free 24/7, 365 (until the yoga-mat bread takes it’s inevitable toll, anyway).

Trancefusion – Minds Out
Jack Ruby – Hit And Run
Chain Gang – My Fly
Iron Claw – Saga
Emily Robb – First Grow A Gold Plant
Monocot – It Turns Around Again
Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void – Guitar Hero
Hot Sox – Plaster Force
Crispy Ambulance – Drug User-Drug Pusher
2K x Abu Ama – Datacombs
UAN0028 – Impending Doom
DJ Finale – Tobandi
Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse Band – Free Of The Guillotine
David Kilgour – Something
Hospital – Warming Wool Rectangle
The Fucking Terrible Recording Shapes Trading As Triple Negative – Both Hands Lose On Baby Bonds Bet
S*Glass – Rise Of The American Asshole
Robert Turman & Tom Smith – Diabetic Strands Curve The Spine
Nicole Mitchell & Alexander Hawkins – Jalopy Ride
Bolka – Karabinka
Emeka Ogboh – Wole
Shells – Another Time