this week’s program begins with a lengthy tribute to the late Ron Peno but around the mid-way mark becomes inexplicably bogged down in a panel discussion about where the 2003 staged stabbing of “Cheaters” host Joey Greco ranks on the all-time list of televised hoaxes (then becomes bogged down even further in a heated argument where this incident ranks on the all-time list of times Joey Greco has been stabbed).

Died Pretty – Desperate Hours
Died Pretty – Sight Unseen
Died Pretty – Stoneage Cinderella
Died Pretty – As Must Have
Darling Downs – All Fall Down
Died Pretty – Radio
Died Pretty – Mirror Blues Pt. 1 and 2
Dredd Foole & The Din – Greatest Band In Hell
Jackonuts – Citation
Luggage – River
The Native Cats – My Risks Is Art
Cities Aviv – Standing By The 260
Sensational – Sound Turned Proper
Si Begg – Sick And Tired Of The Bullshit
Street Walker – Sun Song
Jon Rose – The Believers
EXEK – Welcome To My Alibi
Body/Head – Come On (Longform Editions Remix)
Han Bennink & Terrie Ex – Two Bruised Ribs
Jon Collin – Furniture Makers Moan