The 64th episode of this program concerns Oklahoma City’s infamous, 90 year old Hotel Skirvin, an establishment several visiting NBA squads have claimed is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Coincidently, Nets PG Kyrie Irving — who accused the Skirvin of being infested with bed bugs, is producing a film on the subject (the paranormal activity, not the bedbugs).and got the entire hotel staff to sign agreements forbidding discussion with other outlets, including this one.

But that’s all good because KYRIE BE DAMNED, I’ve secured an interview with Bell Environmental’s beloved ROSCOE THE BED BUG DOG. Pandemic concerns prevented Roscoe from inspecting the Skirvin personally, but given that he’s an expert on the subject, I can promise he had a lot to share. At least some superstars aren’t so allergic to the media, eh Kyrie?

Charmaine Lee – Residual Pulse
Tom Carter – Three Legged Table
Leo Abrahams & Shazed Ismally – Ono No Imoko
The Flying Luttenbachers – Mass Manslaughter, Man
Acid – Max Overload
Vacuum – Walking Slow
War Church – The Appropriate Time To Give A Fuck
Alleged Witches – Avoiding Cross-Contamination In Your Food Business
Saint Abdullah – The Birds Discuss The Journey (ft. John Butcher)
Jana Rush featuring Nancy Fortune – Drivin’ Me Insane
Tcheser Holmes – Shiftin’
Ancestral Duo – Trajesty
Mong Tong – Sea
Mohammed Guitar – Bajey & Medh
Dr. Pete Larson & His Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band – Korona
East Of The Valley Blues – Cut Hole House Open
DMPH – Sacramento
Moin – I Can’t Help But Melt
NAPPYNAPPA – You Know Know Better Than Me
Youth – Death Is Quite Clearly Not What It Used To be
Anima-Sound – It Loves Want To Have Done It
CC Sorensen & Gretchen Korsmo – Sunflower Hangs It’s Head
Loopsel – Början på slutet / Endings
Kimberley Rew – Fighting Someone’s War