strange times in show business for sure and while I’m not (at all convinced) Jason Whitlock-as-hitmaker is an upgrade on Anthony Fantano, I cannot plead ignorance that there’s been an astonishing amount of conversation squandered on the topic of Fudge Rounds and the People That Love Them. By contrast, not one fledgling troubadour has addressed the burning topic that is my local “FOODS OF THE WORLD” mart selling Hobnobs (TM) with no chocolate covering whatsoever. What is this new austerity bullshit? What sort of psychopath believes this is ok and how come there is no woodsy / i-just-got-these-overalls industry plant bemoaning the situation? I am resigned to the knowledge no-one-speaks-for-me (a solvent white american with no greater concern than the composition of imported biscuits) in this popular culture. It’s like the time George Will declared “I have seen the future of rock’n’roll and it’s name is Cock ESP” — he’d never been right before and he’s not been right since.

Sanam – Bell
Kahn & Neek – Bad Luck
u-Ziq – Lunatic Harness
Manisdron – 23 Witness
No Home – Easy Peeler
Eye Of The Comorant – He Found Me
Anna McClellan – Garbage Bag Replacer
Feeling Figures – Across The Line
Lewsberg – An Ear To The Chest
Pavement – Kentucky Cocktail (Chapel Hill, 1992)
Mendoza Hoff Revels – Didblada
High Rise – Mainliner
Soggy – Waiting For The War
Laddio Bolocko – In Search Of Bolocko
Rick Reed – Leave A Light On For Tony
Liam Grant – Stratton – Eustis
Powers / Pulice / Rolin – Wind Whirl