You may or may not have read this morning of a Swedish money laundering scheme in which “criminal networks have for several years been using money from drug deals, robberies, fraud and contract killings to pay for false Spotify streams of songs published by artists with ties to the gangs” If you’re like me (and I suspect you’re not), your first thought was “HOW CAN I GET IN ON THE ACTION”, though for once, I’m flummoxed. If there was a method in which this program’s repertoire could be employed to similar effect, you’re fucking right I’d jump on it. Instead, Mixcloud and Soundcloud pocket exorbitant fees and I’m left footing the bill for massive production overhead. I know, i’ve often promised I’d sell blood if that’s what it took to keep this program going, but I didn’t mean my own blood.

Speaker Music – Jes’ Crew
Kahn & Neek – What’s The Secret?
Furchick – Centrelink
Martin Rev – Dreams
Stanley / Nappa / Cain – Looking Inside
Model Home – Rounabout
Compactor – Everything Is A Dream
Double Virgo – Here’s The Deal
Mother’s Milk – Render Void At The Gate
Dwaal Troupe – Everyone Forgot But You
Lower Plenty – No Poets
Shane Parish / Michael Potter – Here And There
Kris Gruda – Improv
Kris Gruda – One
Madrigal – Tambula
Monoshock – Change That Riff
Tom Carter – Broken Raga III
Luke Stewart – For Mdou
Leif Eiggren – Insomnia