as we hit episode 172, I am reminded of the time Boston’s Channel 7 — after what has to be considered an exhausting manhunt — bragged they’d secured the services of a highly touted young anchorperson with the ad campaign, “WE FOUND BRAD HOLBROOK IN A DENVER HOTEL ROOM”. Needless to say, may of us wondered what was happening in said hotel room.

By contrast, this week’s show was entirely conceived and recorded in a New York City hotel room, and after hearing recent audience feedback suggesting the program eclecticism was, shall we say, a bummer, I’ve made some careful adjustments to make certain it’s a BANGERZ-ONLY REPERTOIRE this week. BUT THIS WEEK ONLY. It’s gonna be back to self-indulgence-fucking-city next week (ie. austin) so enjoy it while it lasts.

(above – hidden camera footage of someone who may or may not be Brad Holbrook conversing with someone who may or may not be law enforcement in what may or may not be a Denver Red Roof Inn).

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