I don’t know if this has anything to do with my being hospitalized from physical attacks 2 weeks running, but I’ve been informed this program’s producer and social media director are not coming in this today, citing a dangerous working environment. This has echoes of Shawn Michaels in 1994 if you ask me, but hey, I’m an adult with 4 whole months of college and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how this stuff works. Besides, as i explained to them on the telephone earlier, they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of — no one is coming for them. They’re non-entities. The only person around here important enough to be bludgeoned into silence is me.

Rommel – ???? ????
Exercise – Information
The Sewerheads – I Was A Stranger
Fairport Convention – Jack O’ Diamonds
Pere Ubu – Heart Of Darkness
Hank IV – Got Got
Self Scientific – Dead Honest
Steve Summers – Skin Of Your Teeth
Swap Meet! – Junglist Ambush
P Cain – Feet First?KA -I Notice
Tintomara – What Do You Think?
Nocturnal Emissions – Delgado Monkey Torture / Too Many Wounded
Ratlicker – Endangered Speicies
K- Rino – Bad Bizness
Centennial Gardens – Lost Souls
Karen Gwyer – Cherries On Shoulders
Bass Clef – Maze 3
Meadow Argus – Let It Be Known, Pts. 1-8
Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet – E.C.C.O.
Luther Thomas & Human Arts Ensemble – Una New York

music submissions : info@12XU.net