this week’s program was taped a few days early, on 9/12/2021 in fact. As I reflected on the 20th anniversary of 9/12/01, an occasion met with far less media coverage than the 20th anniversary of 09/11/01, I thought for a moment about my special relationship with this show’s listeners. They’re resilient, tough and other words that mean the same things as resilient and tough. They’re also deeply paranoid (EDITOR”S NOTE : write “highly inquisitive:”) and don’t simply rely on what they’re told by established outlets like The Quietus or The Sporting News.

I am grateful to all of you who select this show over all the fraudcasts out there and to those who continue to ask the hard questions (“can dogs eat popcorn?” “can i bring a television into the bathtub?”), and you have a very sincere tip of my (tin-foil) hat.

V; – Stalin
Pitchblende – Lacquer Box
Gastr Del Sol – The Seasons Reverse
Black’s Myths – Upper South
Kid Millions & Jan St. Werner – At Pepe’s
Saint Abdullah – Asian Pavel Bure
Container – Shingles ?Fad Gadget – Ricky’s Hand
Oliver Coates – Reunification 2018
Techno Animal – Brotherhood Of The Bomb –
Sleep Sinatra – Vessel
The Coup – Ride The Fence
Solemn Brigham – Keep The Hope
Ill Considered – Meditation
Jemeel Moondoc & Denis Charles – Judy’s Bounce
Myriam Gendron – Poor Girl Blues
Michael Chapman – Postcards Of Scarborough
Jacken Elswyth – Last Chance / Sandy River Belle
Daniel Higgs – track 2 from ‘Beyond & Between’
Threshing Floor – s/t ?Anla Courtis & S. English – Rabbit Science