For this week’s program, my new producer (bottom right corner) had booked special guests Corey Worthington, Fox news reader Maria Athens and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Unfortunately, there was some confusion over the correct time-zone with Worthington, Athens has apparently been detained by Anchorage AK police and as for Christie, well, he’s simply not picking up the phone. All in all, I’d say this new booker is a vast improvement on the last one.

Robert Rental – Paralysis
Lisa Lerkenfeld – Champagne Smoke
Karen Marks – Cold Cafe
Claire Rousay – It Was Always Worth It
CIA Debutante & Zhu Wenbo – Spider’s House

Holy Tongue -Emt
Soft Shoulder – Charred Meter
Minibeast – The # Go
Brain Drugs – Significant Hill

Yokel – Bonfire Night
Olivia Mutant John & Wrong Travolta – The Swan With Two Necks
Model Home x His Name Is Alive – Candy Colored Dreams
Pep Love – Act Phenom
Marlowe – The Machinations of EW Godfist
The CMA – To Help The Weak End

Swallow – I Came But Left
Totalitarian Principle – Time’s Teeth
Greg Fox – Catching An L
Screensaver – Strange Anxiety
Sympathy Nervous – Go On And Off

Jon Collin – Furniture Makers Moan
Sir Richard Bishop – The Coming Of The Rats
Bratten Schnüre – Feldweg