This week’s show is dedicated to the newest member of production team CSTB, Larry the slow loris. Many of you know I’m an animal lover and Larry absolutely captured my heart when I saw him caged at Austin’s Pound 4 Suspicious Creatures. Unfortunately, I completed his adoption just prior to reading the recent NY Times article about slow loris’ deadly venom and as a result, I’ve had to vacate my premises and turn the entire operation over to Larry. Hopefully I’ll find a new laptop / remote taping location by next week, a lot depends on whether my health insurance will cover the costs of the deadly slow loris venom antidote.????

tracklist :

The Left – Hell
Strike Under – Sunday Night Disorientation
Gen Pop – Concrete
Degreaser – Words In Your Mouth
Gate – Standing In Fields
Nick Jonah Davis – Whistle On Wolf
Sandy Ewen – Face Topography

Woven Skull – Ludo
Jackie-O Motherfucker – The Louder Roared The Sea
Eyeless In Gaza – Changing Stations
R.N.A. Organism – Say It Loud, I’m Dilettante, I’m Proud
?Noor – Want To Wanton Eyebath
HAJJ – I Tried To Tella Ya Something Through This Fucking Phone
Schooly D – No More Rock’n’Roll

Parrish Smith – 1725 Theban
Shitcluster – A View To A Kill
Boreal Massif – The Brink Of Extinction
Horse Lords – Against Gravity
Saint Abdullah – Nocturnal Vigilance
JVC Force – Strong Island

Stephen O’Malley / Steve Noble – Peacemaker Assembly
Darius Jones and Matthew Shipp – Novu’s Final Gift