Last week’s passing of thespian/comic powerhouse Suzanne Somers was noted far and wide, in particular her pivotal role in shepherding the career of the reunited Wire in 1987. As you all know, it was not a relationship that would stand the test of time ; Somers’ insistence that inviting Ex-Lion Tamers to support Wire’s first US tour in many years was “the worst idea ever” didn’t go down well and the rest is history. Except for the part where Somers claimed Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza was unduly influenced by the fumes of home cleaning products. Maybe that didn’t really need to happen.

??On this week’s show, I’ve attempted to dive into all of the above topics and if I’ve only managed to gloss over a few of them, hey, there’s something in this business known as TIME LIMITATIONS.

SDEM – 2 Vs. 2
Cannibal Ox – A B-Boy’s Alpha
The Shadow Ring – Nocturnal Middle Rumbles
UAN0030 – SDT
PSYWARFARE – Live Paris 23?
Tommy Wright III/Ten Wanted Men – Ten Wanted Men
Funkstörung – Best Powerfunk Beat Attack
Wire – Drill (live on The Late Show With Suzanne Somers, 1987)
Virvon Varvon – Holding Pattern
Theee Retail Simps – Rubble
The Dissidents – Patronized?
Collate – Obliterated By Flowers
The American Devices – Games We Never Win
Class – Behind The Ball
Bootlicker – Futureless
Alien Nose Job – Rock & Roll Rubbish Bin
Doll Dreams – Strand Around The Neck
The Hatch Expansion – Austin Part 2