Tony Cluedo. Patch Lafeyette. Les McQueen. Bob Chagnall. Individually, their names don’t add up to much. Collectively, their ensemble, 1981 Eurovision entrants CRÈME BRÛLÉE are either one of the most important bands of the post-psych era… or one of the most important bands of the pre-psych revival era. I sometimes cannot recall which, which makes the Levitation Festival’s efforts to BAN Crème Brûlée especially galling. Sure, maybe the band (Cluedo specifically) pocketed Levitation’s deposit after claiming they couldn’t obtain work visas, but why hold a grudge? There’s an old cliche in sports that I think applies to music ; you can’t field an entire team of choirboys. I mean, I suppose you could do that with a band but no one wants to hear an A capella version of Crème Brûlée’s “Voodoo Lady” not even persons who’d pay to see Anton Newcombe.


Priori & Al Wootton – Seclusion
Rat Heart & The Peanuts – Pam’s Plants Full Of Ants
Holly Walker – Straight Line (Sea Moya remix)
Hieroglyphic Being – Look Over There 9 O’Clock
Physical Therapy – This Techno Tool Track Kills Fascists
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – Put By Nothing
DJ Punisher – Untitled 1
Furchick & don’t know – The Abused Have Become The Abusers
Nightshift – Souvenir
Zuli – Otterance (ft. Cocktail Party Effect)
The Lewd – Kill Yourself
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – 2X4’s
Tube Alloys – Magnetic Point
Horse Lords – Intervention III (Live In Leipzig)
Han Bennick & Terrie Ex – Side B of ‘INSTANTS’
Mark Feehan – Don’t Take My Blood
Monocot – Crumbled Green?
Black To Comm – Never Heed The Tongues Of Wooers
Susan Alcorn, Leila Bordreuil & Ingrid Laubrock – Bird Meets Wire