It was 4 years ago today that Doug Mosurock introduced the world (well, me, anyway) to the wondrous independent cinematic achievement “Gramps Goes To College”, in which a decrepit protagonist introduces an all-too-typical university campus to the joys of CRITICAL THINKING. Widely ignored at the time, “Gramps Goes To College” has since gone on to become a cult classic in the old “midnight movies” vein of “Harold & Maude”, “I Spit On Your Grave” or “Dig! (Two Bands No One Should Listen To On A Bet, Yet Here’s A Fucking Tim About Them)”. I for one, however, am sick of it. I no longer wanna see your “Gramps Goes To College”-themed Halloween costumes. I cannot bear another reference to “Gramps Goes To College” dialogue in the television series “Billions”. OTOH, 2 mere (punishing) hours is a lot faster and cheaper than matriculating at Bari Weis’ Austin University (provided it ever opens).

Dawson – From The Loins Of Mr. & Mrs. Neurosis
Amanita Toxica – Tocar?
Hacker – Scammer
Tina Kit – The Burning Sea
Rusted Shut – Intellect
Rattle – DJ
Daboor – Sheikh Jarrah
UAN0031 – I Want To Slow Down
Mark Glynne and Bart Zwier – Tick Tock Nightmare
Gerycz Powers Rolin – Entrance
Sunwatchers – Foams
San Kazakgascar – The Thirsty West
Samara Lubeklski / Bentley Anderson – 2/9/23
Tongue Depressor – Live At The Hanging Gardens
Eleanor Cully – Lark In The Clear Air