Oh, I’m so agitated, so agitated
Run through a washing machine, agitated
I’m so agitated, I’m so convoluted
I don’t know what I know, but I’d just like to shoot it
And it’s five A.M., and I’m crawling the walls
Just waiting for imaginary telephone calls??

This week’s program is a star-studded salute to Bridgewater Associates’ Ron Dalio and his valiant, one-man battle to identify, apprehend and punish whichever of his 1000 employees defiled the men’s executive toilets. Some might consider Dalio’s response disproportionate but that’s why he has more money than god and why you and I have, well, less money than god. RADICAL TRANSPARENCY is an anagram of “AIRPLAY CAR TRANSCEND” (or vice versa) and I remain hopeful that even those listeners with the worst hygiene will be compelled by today’s show to buy into Ron’s worldview (and by extension, mine, as I cannot be bothered to fashion one of my own).

Rocket From The Tombs – Down In Flames `
Lupo Cittá – White Bracelet
Sardonicus – Evaporated Brain
Emily Robb – Slowing Singing Bathing Shaving
Dredd Foole & The Din – Not A Beast
Bonnie Mercer – Bad Acid, Bad Job, Bad Amp
F/i – Why Not Now…Alan!
Derek Monypeny – The Painful Nap
Spirit Fest – Like A Plane
Sanam – Rings
Joachim Nordwall – Healing Music 8
Jordan Darby – The Beyond Substance
URA – Hash
AshTreJinkins – Not Coco Butter Enuff
ECOATM – Stimulus Check
Minor Science – Dread The Evening
Vanity Productions – Keep The Children Safe
Maria Chavez & Sandy Ewen – 2-3
ML Buch – Clearing