with the arrival of episode 130, I am reminded that a large percentage of the program’s listeners are either in transit today or feverishly preparing a family meal of some sort, and in either instance, I can think of no better musical/conversational accompaniment than 2 + hours of me moaning into your ear about how very difficult my past week was and/or how this show is criminally unappreciated. You know, universal subjects that will captivate you and your entire family, far better than televised sports or binge-watching episodes of “Minder” (though were I forced to pick, I’d opt for the latter). The Elias Koteas Sports Bureau claims Detroit’s Thanksgiving day record stands at 37-43-2, however I am pretty sure all of those 37 Lions victories occurred before anyone else reading this were born.

(above, future Lions GM Matt MIllen punching New England GM Patrick Sullivan in 1984. Though this did not occur on Thanksgiving, we are all very thankful for the excellent photojournalism)

No Home – Emerald Green Mirror
Jensen Tjhung and Tom Lyngcoln – Innocent Times
Still House Plants – Blink Twice
Bogshed – Hand Me Down Father
Children Maybe Later – 27 Club
Class – Crowded Room
Dennis Waterman – I Could Be So Good For You
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – Monochrome Days
Morio Agata – Submarine
Blue Orchids – Bad Education
Lia Kohl – Untitled Radio (futile, fertile)
Phauss – Audiodrome (Zürich – Zürich 1986)
Devin B Waldman – Drone 88
L4b – Me4nwhile In The L4b