as we hit episode 129, I’ll share a little personal note that sometimes I am asked what exactly is it I hope to accomplish with this program. To which I can only reply, would you ask Marshall Applewhite (or his QB son Major) what they hoped to accomplish? Would you ask Marie Curie (or her daughter Cherie) what they hoped to accomplish? Maybe the full measure of this show’s importance cannot be fully grasped until some day in the future while I’m being devoured by bugs. And that would be a damn shame — not because I covet or require your acknowledgement — but rather, you’d miss out on all the premium subscriber benefits I’ll be rolling out in 2023. For a mere $5 a month, you’ll get an exclusive 86 minute CDR of my mispronouncing artists’ names (or in some instances, taking 3 tries and getting all of them wrong). For 20 a month*, I’ll visit your home and describe in painstaking detail what’s wrong with your pets, children, record collection, choice of skin-care products, etc. why should Mixcloud tyrannize the paid-tier model?

Dale Cornish – My Geography
AKAI SOLO – Iron Galaxy
Leila – Don’t Fall Asleep
Lucrecia Dalt- El Galatzo
Peter Zummo – Song II : Left; On The Beat – Variations
Hall Of Fame – Endless Returns
The Sonora Pine – Cloisters
Jacken Elswyth – Cumberland Gap
Mike Gangloff – The Other Side Of Catawba
Jill Kroesen – I Really Want To Bomb You
Celebrity Handshake – Black Holes Are Our Only Hope
The Girls – Cubist Grid
Kilslug – Autopsy Performing
Kitchen’s Floor – Haunted Houses
Bootlicker – Dogsbody?
Flux Of Pink Indians – Progress
Public Image Limited – Poptones (Peel Session, 1979)
Raum – Revolving Door
Laurence Weiner / Dickie Landry – Song 8
Christine Abdelnour & Andy Moor- 80db is Loud If You Are Snoring
Matt Krefting & Bill Nace – Mr. Jinx
Quick Furchick – The Wonder World Of Modern Marvels