first off, apologies to Griff Spex for lifting the title of this week’s show. When processing sadnews, we all have our ways of coping and mine is probably the same as most of yours : ie. watching the Myotron taser 30 minute informercial (aka “CRIME IN AMERICA : ARE YOU SAFE?”) for the three thousandth time. Rather than contemplate the full measure of a wonderful person’s life’s worth and the amazing generosity of spirit he brought to nearly everyone he collided with, I am instead asking questions like where did they get that cast, what are Linda Watkins’ journalistic credentials (if that is her real name) and wouldn’t selling blood be a better paying gig than pretending to be a studio audience member. When The Clean sang “Point That Thing Somewhere Else” they were not referring to the Myotron (just ask Grace Slick), but perhaps they should’ve been. Also – sorry I didn’t cram the Sundae Painters single into the first set – at least you’re not subscribing to anything

The Mad Scene – The Big Set Up
The Clean – Point That Thing Somewhere Else (Piano Version)
The Great Unwashed – Hello Is Ray There?
Hamish Kilgour – Smile
Bailterspace – Tanker
The Mad Scene – People To Talk To
The Great Unwashed – Duane Eddy
The Clean (with Peter Gutteridge) – Point That Thing Somewhere Else (Port Chalmers, 31 January 2014)
Thousandaire – Coward
Jensen Tjhung & Tom Lyngcoln – Hells Of Sunshine
Movietone – The Voice Came Out Of The Box and Dropped Into The Ocean
Nova Scotia – Fragments Of Dead Stars
David Lance Callahan- The Scapegoat
Derek Monypeny – Nana Gem
Lucy Miller – The Rife
Perc – Dirt (Original Mix)
Griff Spex – Break! (Live)
Jah Cuzzi – Dictator
Tim Olive / Kayu Nakada – Kanpuu 1