Shame there’s not some kind of an internet search engine out there would allow potential employers, subscribers or investors to get a full flavor of the ticking time-bomb that is former Sirius/XM sports host Dino Costa (above), but perhaps they’ve not introduced the internet to Hackensack, NJ yet. That’s the home of businessman Anthony Menicola, the latest person to pledge his financial support to Costa’s fledgling webcast operation. Plagued by myriad technical difficulties from the start, “The Dino Costa Show”‘s biggest hurdle to overcome, was of course, the host’s less than winning personality, though it would also be fair to say his views on any number of current events were not widely embraced (perhaps the general public is very happy getting Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones’ respective brands of crazy for free without sports muddying the conversation).

On Friday, following a month spent co-hosting a sports show in a Jacksonville suburb where his co-host paid the station for airtime, Costa’s internet show failed to reemerge.  Menicola, who apparently owns the domain name to the show’s web archives, deleted existed content and issued the following statement (since deleted) :

What a ride it has been.  Exhausting is the first word that comes to my mind. Not exhausting because I had to work, thats the easy part that I’ve NEVER been afraid of like some people. Exhausting for other reasons that I’d rather not get into.  Your imaginations can take you where you want to go I’m sure, if necessary.

Yes, the show is over. Contrary to what the host tweeted only a few days ago, we did not have 1000 subscribers, nor did we ever eclipse that of 1000 subscriptions.  A flat out lie we will call it. To date, our highest paid membership number was 543. Not a bad number however, in my opinion, considering.  Definitely a substantial foundation.  A foundation that we could have built a tremendous future on.  But it just wasn’t in the cards. The turbulence was only getting worse and this flight wasn’t landing safely in a warm climate destination with beautiful views from your beach front bungalow.

in the end its about quality of life and this show was too taxing on mine. I don’t NEED the Dino Costa Show.  Last I checked, the Dino Costa Show NEEDED me, but some people just didn’t understand that. I did this as a long shot, knowing there was uncertainty, with the possibility of there being something big. Well the uncertainty has now become a distinct reality and I’m out close to 200k. I guess we shall see if the dino costa show really needed me or not in the coming weeks, as i have suggested previoulsy. It wont be under this domain name, I can assure you of that.

At any rate, Im not gonna throw stones.  I made some mistakes along the way as well. Not knowing who Ryan Patrick was, in which I found out today,  a fairly large one. Dumping 200k into someone thats been fired 6 times, a pretty bad one too, but hey your supposed to learn from your mistake aren’t you??? You have to have a little bit of respect for a guy who is consistent and believes in what he stands for and without humor, I really do have tremendous respect for him. But sometimes you need to realize your stupidity and grow up and recognize you have a family to support. Hell, if you guys can convince him to chill out, do the show for 3 hours/day 6 days/week with no intermittent changes for 1 year, i would be stupid enough to back him again.  But its just not possible.

I wish nothing but the best for him and his family.  I will pray that one day he realizes that he does, in fact, need other people, smarter than him most importantly, around him for him to be successful, because he is a hell of a talent, but something tells me that this western ends badly with John Wayne getting shot on Dollar out in the Arizona desert.