The Kansas City Star’s Glenn E. Rice reports there’s a St. Joseph, MO bar facing criticism for offering “a Michael Brown special”, ie. six shots for $10. No word on how many shots (or blows to the head) Mug Shots management consumed before coming up with this idea, but at least one of the responsible parties admits, “I should have thought a little bit more about it.”

A bar co-owner, Rodney Stapleton, told the St. Joseph News-Press the idea for the special was borrowed after he saw on Facebook that it had been successful at another bar. The bar later removed the sign.

Stapleton could not be reached for comment Monday.

However, his marketing ploy drew about 20 protesters to the front of the bar Friday night. Police increased patrols in the area, but there were no reports of violence.

“It was silly,” said Janet Christmas, who manages a nearby gas station. “They should have never done that, but it has been blown out of proportion.”

According to social media, the bar posted a response to the criticism that said: “Just wanna thank everyone who is going on about our shot special. Its just giving us free publicity. Everyone will know where the cheapest drinks are now. It also shows everyone that we believe our slogan, ‘WHERE SARCASM IS ALWAYS FREE.’

The message concluded, “We have never been hateful to anyone because of race, class, sex or sexual preference.”