Despite 32 points from Nate Robinson, the Knicks lost last night to the Cavaliers, sans LeBron. Coach Larry Brown didn’t stick around to watch yet another 4th quarter collapse.  From the AP:

The 65-year-old Brown, whose had health issues in recent years, was taken from Quicken Loans Arena on a stretcher following New York’s 91-87 loss. He appeared alert and was sitting upright with oxygen tubes in his nose as he was wheeled out to an emergency vehicle. Brown was pale but appeared alert and he was sitting upright with oxygen tubes in his nose as he was wheeled to an emergency vehicle.

Brown didn’t say anything while being taken to an undisclosed hospital. The Knicks flew back to New York.

Knicks spokesman Jonathan Supranowitz said Brown was examined by Cavaliers team doctors and a Knicks physician after leaving the bench. Brown’s vital signs were “stable,” but because his symptoms came on so quickly, doctors felt it was best that he be admimtted to the hospital for further tests and observation.

Brown’s health might not take a turn for the better once he checks out Friday morning’s Newday, and the following quotes from Stephon Marbury, as collected by Greg Logan.

Sounding as if he’s ready to blame the Knicks’ failed season squarely on Brown, Marbury added, “If things would have been in place the way they were supposed to, I don’t think we would have been in this situation. But that just didn’t happen. So, stay tuned. You’ll hear it.”

Asked if he has any regrets about this season, Marbury called it “the best year of my life.” Through his trials and tribulations with Brown, Marbury said he made a leap forward to a point where he’s comfortable with himself as a player and is willing to offer his version of the truth no matter how the chips may fall. He said he began this season “100 percent committed to do whatever wanted me to do. It didn’t work, so, I’m going to play like I normally play.

“There have been people who played for a coach who didn’t see things the same way, and it worked out. I don’t see why it can’t work out. But like I said: I played like Stephon Marbury this year. Next year, I’m going to play like ‘Starbury.'”

Told that Brown said he’d like Marbury to play as well as he did before he suffered a shoulder injury on Jan. 16 that put him out for an extended period, Marbury replied emphatically, “Oh, he doesn’t have to worry. I’m going to do everything that I did before he came here.”

When it was suggested Brown might not want to hear that, Marbury said, “I don’t care what he wants to hear. I’m telling you what I’m going to do.”