….and there’s the truth.  Much as I enjoyed watching Rudy (Can’t Fail) Fernandez burnish his ROY candidacy against Miami, it seems tonight’s Hawks/Celtics tilt (Game 8, if you will), wasn’t bad at all, either.

If you’d asked me earlier today exactly what sort of franchise record the Knicks hoped to set against the Grizzlies this evening, I’d have guessed the most combined pounds to receive a coach’s DNP, courtesy of the Eddy Curry Suppression Ring and Jerome James.  Instead, New York sank 19 three pointers on 34 tries in a 132-102 throttling of Memphis, 4 of said treys coming from the hot hands of Wilson Chandler (27 points, 11 for 12 shooting, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals), and another 5 from Nate Robinson. It wasn’t necessarily a wasted trip for Curry and James, however. On your way out of town, Double J, don’t forget the barbeque spaghetti, conveniently available at the Memphis airport.