Cornell’s 86-53 defeat of Harvard
earlier today gave the former it’s first Ivy League crown in 20 years, along with the 3rd automatic NCAA tournament bid in the school’s history. Let’s take a trip through the time machine to remember the last time Big Red ruled the Ivy League, as 1988 was the year :

* – the U.S. military shot down an Iranian civilian aircraft, killing 290
* – Tompkins Square Park was the scene of rioting, possibly because Missing Foundation weren’t nominated for a Plug Award (later, when it was determined the Plug Awards hadn’t been conceived yet, the riot was quelled)
* – The Escape Club topped the charts with “Wild Wild West” (an atrocity nearly equal to the U.S. military slaughtering 290 Iranian civilians.

I’m sure you’ll all agree, we’ve come a very long way as a society since then. A few of us excepted.

After Texas Tech survived a furious Texas comeback in Lubbock, Pat Knight told ESPN that he’s been receiving fan mail from a death row inmate who claims watching Red Raider basketball is his only remaining pleasure. Shame Bobby’s kin couldn’t have taken over in time to get a love letter or two from the other Patrick Knight.