Not sure which is more unfortunate, Mr. Snider’s choice of team-inspired dress:

Or the company he kept on Friday:

“Palin is Santorum With Lipstick,” read one protestor’s sign in Philadelphia, which is a particularly catchy slogan if you read Savage Love.

Of course, the Flyers did help end the Cold War… or so says Dave Poulin:

“When the whole Russian thing went on here, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Spectrum managed to chase a whole political system out of the building, not just a team,” he said. “They chased communism out of the building.”

Considering the Core States First Union Wachovia Center may yet have a new name, I suggest the ’08-’09 Flyers also dedicate themselves to beating up on failed political or economic systems. Too bad Merritt Paulson doesn’t own a hockey team.