For the first and hopefully last time in CSTB history, the following item was culled from Variety’s Liz Smith :

The life story of Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda is reported on the “fast track for development” at Miramax. Al Pacino has “expressed interest” in playing the famously irascible Lasorda with Michelle Pfeiffer a “possibility” as his wife. Translation–don’t dress for the premiere. There’s many a slip twixt the “fast track” and the first day of shooting. Still and all, for the life of me I can’t imagine Al Pacino on a baseball field. But, that’s why they call it acting!

Having witnessed Pacino phoning it in for Oliver Stone’s ferociously awful “Any Given Sunday”, I’m in no hurry to see the former tackle another sports project….unless “The Rick Pitino” story somehow emerges from turnaround.