From the Kansas City Star’s J. Brady McCulloch :

Kansas coach Mark Mangino will make a personal plea to the KU students, encouraging them not to continue with the profane pre-kickoff chant at the Jayhawks™ home games, associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said.
The chant ” based off a line from the 1998 Adam Sandler comedy, œThe Waterboy ” states, œRip his (expletive) head off, referring to the opposing team™s kickoff return man.

KU will send a video of Mangino speaking to the student body over e-mail today, and the video will be replayed before the game on Saturday.

This latest attempt to stop the chant began last Friday when University Daily Kansan editor Matt Erickson called a meeting that included Marchiony, director of university relations Todd Cohen, student body president Adam McGonigle and KU linebacker Mike Rivera.

Because after all, there’s no excuse for profanity in collegiate athletics.