With a current OPS of .663, not being Adam Dunn is just about the only thing Angels CF Vernon Wells has to feel good about these days. The OC Register’s Sam Miller has been following Wells’ Twitter feed since the start of the year, and notes that after an early season outburst (25 tweets in the space of 4 days last April), the former Blue Jays fixture has fallen into a profound social networking slump.

In all of May, he tweets just five times: Once for Osama Bin Laden’s death, twice to ask how everyone is doing today, and two baseball-related tweets. He still replies to fans, but his Twitter feed is turning inward.

June. We get a basketball tweet — like everybody, Wells turns to professional sports to distract himself from work — and a Follow Me On Facebook request. He asks how everyone is, twice, and debates whether to retweet or reply to people asking him for a RT. One tweet about baseball all month. When he does tweet, the messages are subdued, largely exclamation-point free, and not about himself at all.

He tweets just eight times in July, and his focus gradually moves further from the Angels: He tweets about Derek Jeter, then about a golf tournament, then about women’s soccer, then about Starbucks. Even his prolific replying slows down.
His final tweet of the month — about the MC Hammer bobbleheads in Oakland — is the closest thing to an acknowledgement that he plays baseball. The bravado from April is gone.

And in August, his Twitter account’s soul is broken. On Aug. 12, his OPS dips to .612, and he tweets for the final time all season. Fittingly, it’s a tweet about his fondness for Toronto. At least there, they only booed him for being expensive. Here, he gets booed for being expensive and for playing terribly. He is silent in September — not even replying anymore.