A little less than two years ago, the Kickstarter fundraising effort for “Memphis Heat : The True Story Of Memphis Wrasslin'” was plugged in this space (“Coming Soon, Perhaps The Most Important Documentary Of Our Lifetimes”) ; after tearing up the festival circuit, Chad Schaffler’s extensively researched chronicle of Memphis wrestling history is available on DVD, October 1.   I’ve had the pleasure of viewing the final product and I can say without question that whether you’re a fan of the region’s icons like the late Sputnik Monroe, Jackie Fargo, Jerry Lawler, “Superstar” Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valliant, or a relative neophyte who might only know Rocky Johnson as the father of a halfway competent action-adventure star, “Memphis Heat” makes a terrific case for this most American of art forms, along with Memphis’ unique role in the sport’s evolution.  I’ve only got one tiny complaint : NOT NEARLY ENOUGH KAMALA.