…but only because he’s not heard Embrace’s “World At Your Feet”.

Rog writes,

Your recent outcry regarding that horrendous Mets song reminded me of possibly the worst sports song of all-time: the L.A. Ram’s “Let’s Ram It” circa 198-something. I’ve scoured the internets and can’t seem to find it on YouTube and the like. I’ll probably hit eBay, though I’m not so sure I want to actually own it.

Anyways, Google turned up a pretty funny clip on Newsday that turns up a lot of bad (repressed) memories, including ‘Ram It’. I was disappointed that the dude didn’t make reference to the SNL skit from the Jon Lovitz era called “We Are The Kickers,” but you can’t have everything, I guess.

(Merlin Olsen, circa 1972, getting ready to Ram It.)

“Let’s Ram It” is briefly mentioned (alongside the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle”, natch) in an October 2005 item from the Daily Press’ Kris Reilly.

“Super Bowl Shuffle” can be purchased easily on the Internet ” there’s even a DVD ” but the single and video for “Let’s Ram It” are much harder to find. Presumably because the song is an embarrassment and the Rams failed to get to the Super Bowl that year, the tune has been swept under the rug.

I did manage to find some lyrics on an 80’s music message board, and Daily Press staffer Mark Peinado (a former Rams fan) has verified their accuracy:

“Do you know how to Ram it? / Let’s Ram it! / We know how to Ram it. / We’ll be rockin’ L.A. / So let’s Ram it today!”