An item in today’s Washington Post (no byline, sorry) attempts to determine “who is the best dressed superstar?” in the Cavs/Wizards playoff series.

In the Cavaliers’ locker room, the talk focused on LeBron James, whose style has been celebrated in the pages of GQ, and Damon Jones, whose tastes run to the flamboyant (think teal).

One source close to the Cavaliers’ bench, who spoke on the condition of anonymity (seriously), described Jones’s wardrobe as “unpredictable, that’s the best word I can give you.” Jones, perhaps chastened by the media furor he created by calling Brendan Haywood “a baby” before Game 3, declined to discuss his fashion choices and ducked into a training room to eat his pregame meal: a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets, a McNormous fries and some barbecue sauce.

New Orleans Hornets rookie point guard Chris Paul agreed that LeBron James, Jones and Caron Butler were the three leading choices but declined to name a winner. So the floor was open for TNT analyst Cheryl Miller, who said Butler and Jones should be the finalists. And the winner?

“I’ve got to give it to Damon Jones,” she said. “He’s a man in touch with his feminine side. Very much in touch.”