Finally, there’s an institution specially designed for the Howie Spiras of the future. The Bergen Record’s Steven Marcus reports the town of Lutz, FL will open the new public high school, Steinbrenner High,  a $600 monument to lower learning, named in honor of the New York Yankees’ owner.  This is delicious timing, as I’ve been working a new version of “To Sir, WIth Love” with Michael Kay in the Mark Thackery role (Waldman can sing the theme, naturally) and I think I already know where we’ll start filming!

“Over the years, Mr. Steinbrenner has been deeply involved in the community, particularly with the schools and the school system,” said Steven Ayers, director of community relations for Hillsborough County public schools. “He™s been very involved and very philanthropic. He™s probably donated in tens of millions over the length of time.”

Steinbrenner High will have the usual subjects of English, math and science, but will kick it up a notch with offerings for students preparing for a career in sports. Sports marketing, sports medicine and the business of sports (BOSS), including George™s specialty of entrepreneurship, will be available in Grades 9-12. But Steinbrenner, 79, will be the only senior associated this year with the school, which begins with Grades 9-11.

The athletic teams, called the Warriors (Yankees was considered) will wear navy and gold uniforms (no names, of course) and, perhaps owing to the marketing sense of its namesake, school T-shirts are in pre-order for $10.